Dressage Training

Vicki’s Experience

  • Trained & taught dressage professionally since 1982
  • Trained several breeds of horses to the FEI level- including Grand Prix. Imported and trained over 50 warmbloods
  • Achieved the USDF ‘L’ graduate designation during the the programs first offering in 1993.
  • Developed a training system to produce an amateur friendly horse
  • Developed numerous professional riders, helping them ascend the levels in the show ring

Dressage Training and Competition

Horse Training Philosophy

dressage training pyramid

We apply classical dressage training technique to unify the classical training principles with modern day competitive dressage.

“Classical” dressage training is the process of strengthening and developing the horse’s natural abilities. This training process builds a solid foundation for all riding disciplines.

Correct training, proper rewards, and the appropriate application of the training scale theories are the fundamental elements of my successful dressage training program.